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Review: Spy Glass (Glass #3)

Maria V Snyder - Spy Glass

After siphoning her own blood magic in the showdown at Hubal, student glass magician Opal Cowan lost her powers. Immune to the effects of magic, Opal is now an outsider looking in, spying through the glass on those with the powers she once had. Powers that make a difference in the world.

Suddenly the beautiful pieces she makes begin to flash in the presence of magic and Opal learns that someone has stolen some of her blood. Finding it might let her regain her powers or discover that they’re lost forever…

I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, I really enjoyed it, but at the same time parts of it left me disappointed. I loved some parts of the book but other parts really didn’t seem as good as the previous book in the series. However, I did feel in general that it was a good ending to the series, even though it could have been better.

I think the main thing that let this book down was the plot. I’m not saying that it was terrible or weak or anything, because I loved it most of the time, but it started to get a little boring in the middle/towards the end. I think I may have been a little too excited about the word “spy” in the title, because I just assumed this book was going to be about Opal running around and breaking into people’s houses to be honest. And I would have been totally happy with that. Anyway, I can tell you that that was not the plot of this book. Basically, I could split this into Part 1: Opal becomes a spy and everything is awesome and Part 2: Not so much going on for a bit until a fight at the end. I seriously loved the first part of the book. It was exciting, it was fun, it had Valek for ages and it had a proper mission for Opal. The second part, however, started off not so interesting but worked its way up to a proper finale. I’ll admit, I did like the last few scenes.

As I have mentioned before, my favourite parts of Maria V. Snyder’s books are the characters, and Spy Glass was no exception. Opal was awesome, as ever, and she seemed more ready to stand up for herself in this book, and a lot more of a leader. She also had a lot more confidence compared to previous books and it was nice seeing how much she had developed. Kale sadly didn’t turn up that much in the book, but he was still his loyal self with his awesome powers. Nic and Eve turned up again, as well as Ari, Janco and Yelena, but the main returning character that I got excited about was Valek. I’d missed him so much! He’s amazing in this book, and he may be one of the reasons that I liked the first part a lot more than the second. One thing that I wasn’t a fan of was the end couple. I won’t say anything more, but to me it made no sense.

There were lots of details I liked in this book, like Opal’s training by Valek and also seeing how immunity to magic really worked. I always love the detail that’s shown in Snyder’s writing and how it all fits in with the plot. Also, seeing Opal’s powers being used in different ways to previous books really interested me and a lot of unexpected things turned up in this book.

On the whole, I did enjoy this book but some parts really let down seeing as it was the final book in the series.


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