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Cover Love: Poison Study

Cover Love

This week, I’m going to look at the covers of Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. It is the first book in the Study series, which I read over the summer and absolutely loved!

Whilst looking for covers of Poison Study, I discovered a lot of different English ones, so this week’s post is going to be a bit longer than usual. Firstly, this is the cover that I own.

Poison Study

I love this cover a lot! I’ve already talked about it in my review of Poison Study,  and I’m seriously in love with it. The way the swirly, purple and green stand out against the background is so pretty and, although you can’t see from this picture, there are words in the background that hint about events in the book.

Maria V Snyder - Poison Study - Other 2

I’m not as keen on this cover, because I’ve never been a fan of seeing people’s faces on book covers, but there are some aspects that are really nice. The colour scheme works so well, and I love the way that the model’s hair kind of blends in with the leaves and the greenery.  The title is also very pretty, and works well with the cover.

Maria V Snyder - Poison Study - Other

Again, I like the colour scheme of this cover although the model on the front does put me off a little. I LOVE the title on this copy, and the little bits and bobs at the front really add to the cover. The castle in the background is also awesome and definitely adds to the feeling of this cover.

Maria V Snyder - Poison Study - US

This one is definitely my favourite cover. It’s so elegant and stylish and medieval, and I love the way the title’s been put on the front. The mysterious girl disappearing up the staircase makes me want to find out what exactly is going on in this book, and I just really like the little details like the flower next to the title.

What do you think of these covers? Which is your favourite?

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