top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Things (well, eight) That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier 

1. Goodreads

I’m not sure that I could cope without goodreads, seeing as I use it for pretty much everything:- organizing books, finding new books to read, discussing books and possibly using it for other stuff too. It’s just such a brilliant website.

2. My Bookshelves

I have two bookshelves at home which are sorted into different genres and stuff, and it’s useful being able to see which books I’ve read and which I haven’t. Plus, I like being organized.

3. Other Bloggers

Looking at other blogs gives me so much inspiration. It’s also a great way of finding new books to read (not that I need more books to read.)

4. The Library

It’s so useful for books I’m not sure about buying, and I should probably use it far more. And there’s something that’s just really cool about libraries.

5. Google Calendar

It’s perfect for planning posts and organizing which reviews I need to write. Also, it’s great for noting when various books (and films) come out because I always tend to forget dates like that pretty quickly. Unless it’s a book that I literally cannot wait for. Like House of Hades.

6. My Nook

I love my nook. Being able to buy books at any point in time is awesome, except it means that I seem to spend more money. But it’s great being able to buy books that sound good but I’m not sure about. It’s also good for really long fantasy books that get awkward to hold as physical copies.

7. Feedly

I’ve only started using it recently, but I love it. It’s so handy and I’m not sure how I coped without it.

8. My Notebook

I carry a notebook to write down the titles of any books I fancy whenever I go to Waterstones or WHSmith or another bookshop. Which means that a load of books get added to it every time I’m in town.


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